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Vocational Colleges

Commonwealth Education Group is a leading education provider that delivers an extensive range of certificate and diploma programs to thousands of students since the inception of its first private college in 1996. All the diploma programs are approved by the Private Vocational Institutions Act (PVI ACT), Province of Manitoba. This means, a highly sought after Canadian Diploma programs are on offer to aspiring students.

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the Private Vocational Institutions Office and Apprenticeship Manitoba’s guidelines, where applicable.Commonwealth Education Group’s colleges only offer approved and accredited programs that help graduates from these programs be job ready in less than a year in most cases.


The inspiration behind the establishment of Commonwealth Education Group Incorporated (CEG) and its continued growth is fuelled by firm foundations based on a clear vision, mission and educational philosophy. These beliefs had inspired me and my colleagues to establish CEG,and continue to motivate us till today in our quest to propel CEG to greater heights with a set of core values which we hold dearly –
Students First!
Be Here Now!

Indeed, our ambition stretches beyond influencing improvement in the education industry by achieving greater impact on the wider public sector. We aim to transform lives in every community through balanced, energetic and progressive lifelong active learning. We believe that true learning can only achieve its full potential through experience and engagement. Here, the word ‘Education’ encompasses more than just academic achievement. They are in fact ‘learning outcomes’ that are dynamic and subject to various real-world issues.

Therefore, our people are not just taught what to learn but how.

Moving forward, we aspire to be more and provide more than just the ordinary. We constantly seek to challenge norms as well as being critical and creative in our approach. With that, it fills me with great pride, hope and excitement to foresee CEG continuing to transform the lives of our students and grooming them to be future leaders who are able to contribute to society and leave a significant, everlasting impact.

Vijay Chintamaneni


Commonwealth Education Group Inc.